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Hama 30 Years Ago – Saturday 13 February 1982

The military operation in Hama continues for the 12th day. Eighty tanks and 2,000 soldiers engaged in Assad forces attacks on civilian neighborhoods in the city. Neighborhoods of al-Shamaliya, al-Hamidiya, and al-Sharkiya were destroyed. Some buildings in al-Dabbagha were targeted on that day, killing around 52 civilians there.

Al-Hamidiya Neighborhood

Assad forces deployed Brigade 21 to attack al-Hamidiya Neighborhood, killing at least 1500 civilians that day.

Some soldiers defected and tried to defend the civilians, but they were arrested and killed later in Brigade 47 headquarters in Jabal Maarin.

To minimize defections, Assad forces arrested 2300 civilians who were not killed that day, but they executed most of them later in al-Sina’a prison.

4000 civilians were displaced after the attack on al-Hamidiya neighborhood.

About Mahmoud (Sami)

In 2010, I started using the name (Sami Hamwi) to avoid problems with the Assad regime in Syria. In 2012, I connected Sami Hamwi to my real name, Mahmoud Hassino, publicly. Yet, Sami is a dear name to me and I want to keep it for now. Displaying both seems a good option for now.



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