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Out of touch: What happened to my family?

It’s the sixth day of Assad’s regime crackdown on Hama. Hundreds have been killed. All concrete information came in on the first and second day, the 31st of July and the 1stof August. Later, all Hama became incommunicado.

Stories from the first day were horrifying. On the first day, only one of the two mobile networks was available – only my sister is subscribed to that company. My sister, mother of eight-month twins, called me crying, unable to reach our mother, unable to call her husband who works in Deir Ezzor – the other city that was under Assad’s attacks – and unaware if she can protect her little infants.

Assad’s forces started their attack on Hama at 4:00 of the 31stof July. They sieged the entire city, cut water and electricity, bombed mosques and started shooting at anyone that they could see. Snipers were on the roofs of most government buildings – the Baath Party building, the governor’s office, and the power “electricity” company which overlooks al-Horani hospital, where the sniper shot everyone trying to reach the hospital. When the hospital manager called the governor to report that, the latter simply said “try to minimize the number of deaths”.

Despite the horrifying news, I was able to call my sister. Then later, I was able to call my mother. They were all safe until Monday evening. I don’t know anything about them ever since.

All my family members and the people I care about are in Hama now, under Assad’s bombs. I haven’t heard anything about them for 3 days. I don’t know if they are safe or not. All I know is that I tried to go to Hama and was forced to come back to Damascus. Where, last night, Assad’s militia – shabbiha – and security personnel, beat 2 young men to death, and threatened me with their guns to shut down my window or be shot.

If they are doing this in Damascus, I can’t even begin to imagine what they are doing in Hama. A million thoughts come to my mind. I have been trying to reach my family for more than 60 hours now.

This is what Assad and his regime, encouraged by Russia, China, and Iran, are doing in Syria, while the world is watching.


4 thoughts on “Out of touch: What happened to my family?

  1. Thoughts are with you Sami.

    Posted by LGBT Asylum News | 05/08/2011, 11:54
  2. My prayers that you and your family stay safe!

    Posted by John | 13/08/2011, 08:37


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