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Hama 30 Years Ago – Thursday 4 Feb 1982


The regime started bombing the city randomly around midnight. During the bombing, soldiers were robbing everything they could manage to access, even government buildings.

Soldiers had already broken into private shops and properties the night before. They carried out the most organized robbery the city had ever witnessed. Nothing was left intact.

They went even further rubbing government buildings. In all government buildings in Hama, there were the salaries of the government employees of the city – they were stolen by soldiers. They filled the City Hall with garbage and turned all rooms into toilets. They destroyed all public records. People of Hama weren’t able later to obtain any kind of legal document.

Not only did they steal and rob every shop in the city, but also they firebombed all the shops after they finished. “In an hour, all shops turned into black holes!” said Dr. al-Ahmad.

Commodities were taken out and staked on the street for the army vehicles to come later and collect them.

Survivors said that soldiers were only picking only the 50 and 100 SL bank notes. Some of them even threw the ONE SL bank notes on the ground and burned some of them because their pockets were filled with larger notes. Those who took the ONE SL bank notes went to Homs and forced people there to pay them 100 SL for 120 of the ONE SL notes.

Mass Killings

Janoub al-Malaab (Hama al-Jadeeda)

Janoub al-Malaab (South to the Stadium), was called this name publicly because of its location. It was a new quiet neighborhood in Hama. MB’s fighters used to avoid it because their movement there was easily detected.

The Defense Companies, Saraya al-Difa’a, called for people on Thursday, to gather in the neighborhood square, and warned them not to engage in any resistance, struggle, or fighting against the regime forces, and then dismissed them.

One hour later, they did the same – called for the people, warned them, and dismissed them.

And then, they called on the people to gather, asking for everyone to come to the square – women, children, and old people – and they complied thinking it was the same as the previous two times.

When nearly most of the neighborhood residents gathered, Defense Companies forces started shooting at them. After killing everyone who came to the square, they searched the buildings and killed those who were still at their homes.

The civilian casualties of Thursday, 4 February 1982 were more than 1500 of that neighborhood alone.

Other attacks were launched that day on SIX other neighborhoods. Casualties in these neighborhoods were unknown. Colonel Fuad Ismael was in charge of those attacks.



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