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Hama 30 Years Ago – Saturday 6 February 1982

The regime started airdrop operation on this day in three different areas; Aleppo Road, al-Thawra forest, and the Castle.

Defense Companies, Sarya al-Difa’a, executed seven soldiers for trying to defect when they could not tolerate the atrocities. They were shown on Syrian TV as victims of the MB militias.

In Abi al-Fida’a St. some soldiers helped some residents who survived the massacre of Friday. A family of seven, and three injured men were saved by two different soldiers.

 Janoub al-Malaab Neighborhood

Soldiers asked men to come out to be asked some questions and later started killing them. 1800-2000 were killed in this neighborhood on that day.

Souk al-Shajara Neighborhood

This is the poorest neighborhood in Hama; families sometimes live together in one small house. Assad forces killed everybody who was over 14 year-old.

Souk al-Halabiya

This is a market place for grain trading. Assad forces killed more than 100 people, and then burned most of them with the shops and the goods.

Some documented names of underage casualties in Souk al-Halabiya*
Sobie’ Mustafa Halabiya – born 1965 (~17 year-old)
Fayez Takem – born 1968 (~14 year-old)
Ehab Samman – born 1967 (~15 year-old)
Ahmad al-Ashi – born 1968 (~14 year-old)

*The full list did not include all casualties – some bodies could not be identified because of the fire. However, the list of casualties is available in different sources, and they are almost identical.



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