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The Worst in Us – The Worst in Me

A news summary of the events of Friday 3 February 2012 said:

“On the first ever commemoration of the 1982 Hama massacre, Assad’s forces killed at least 220 and injured 550 in the neighbourhood of Khaldiya in Homs as it continuously shelled its residential areas with tanks, heavy artillery, and missiles situated at the Homs Castle. Many houses were burnt and many families were buried under the rubble. Assad’s forces raided the Amal hospital where at least 100 injured were present and executed most of them. The Qosur neighbourhood was not so different, as regime forces shelled it and raided its residential areas. While in Rastan, clashes continued for the eighth day.”

While Syrians were being massacred by the regime, the international community showed once more how harmful the final residues of dictatorship in International Law could be. Russia and China, with complete ignorance of the value of a human life, vetoed the UNSC resolution about Syria. Not that we, Syrians, were expecting the international community to have real sincere concerns about our well-being, but we wanted to believe that the people who were debating a decision that will affect our lives are, to some extent, humans.

Dehumanizing the Russian and Chinese governments is actually much better for Syrians than applying the Russian idiotic changes to the resolution, which was, to my opinion, a way to save the regime rather than destroying it – Syrians are not interested in another version of the Egyptian solution. What was amazing about that “UNSC” clown show is that Russia and China at their strongest points did their best to dehumanize themselves – this is how Syrians feel now anyway.

Since the spark of this revolution, Assad regime has been trying to bring out the worst in the Syrian people. However, the worst in us turned out to be better than the best in the “international community”. Despite the regime’s efforts, the majority of Syrians were able not to slip into the trap of sectarian conflict except for a few voices here and there that are being silenced by the arising civil movement and the revolution itself.

It has been the belief of most Syrians that the worst that could happen to our peaceful revolution is engaging ourselves in an armed struggle. The worst is now a fact – The Syrian Free Army is fighting the regime’s army. However, the worst, that had already happened, didn’t involve attacking civilians and killing innocent people.

I have been trying to bring out the best in me throughout this struggle, but I feel that the series of the recent events managed to stir up an enormous wave of the worst emotions I can ever have.

The worst in me turned the once pacifist into someone who wants to find some comfort in the fact that in there might be someone somewhere in Syria defending an armless Syrian against the regime’s crackdown. The worst in me brought up the desire of revenge – I want to see Assad on trial, in Syria, and being sentenced by the same laws his inherited regime enforced upon the Syrian people for decades. The worst in me made me angry, furious, and disgusted by everything that is Chinese and Russian.

The worst in me flared up a desire to write, to state my opinions and to tell stories from my country. At my worst, I want to write about the leaders of the world who are watching my country being slaughtered while wanting to secure for themselves the remains of dictatorship  in the UNSC, the veto.



One thought on “The Worst in Us – The Worst in Me

  1. How desponded people must be that they still are smiling by holding a protecting umbrella over the little plant of hope?
    Seems cynical that worst desparation sometimes gives the strongest hope. But this hope should embarass all those who made the last friday again “black friday”.

    Posted by Uli | 06/02/2012, 07:06

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