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Hama 30 Years Ago – Monday 8 February 1982

In his diary, Dr. al-Ahmad says, “Everybody was scanning every radio station looking for news about the city; looking for someone speaking about our dying city. We couldn’t hear anything about Hama. Everybody ignored the news of everyday massacres. The Syrian radio was broadcasting songs about Hafez al-Assad, and news about “the national solidarity behind his wisdom”. Arab and western stations never mentioned Syria. The radio even sounded worse than the shelling and explosion noises.”

Bashoura neighborhood

The neighborhood was shelled for hours and was destroyed completely. Only a few survived. The soldiers were saying: “We killed everyone in Bashoura, nobody survived, not even children!”

Souk al-Marabet

Men were gathered and tanks run over them alive.

Survivors from Marabet and Bashoura were taken to Sina’a prison – most of them were killed under torture.

Souk al-Sagha – Jewelry Market

A dispute over the market between the “Special Forces Unit” and the “Defense Companies – Saraya al-Difa’s” ended by gunfire battle. Both “units” wanted to take over the market for themselves. Eventually, Defense Companies won the battle and took over the most valuable “booty” of the attack.

Bab Qibli (Southern Gate)

Bab Qibli is an area in the old city south of the Castle. Soldiers killed nearly everyone in the area, even children and toddlers.

Al-Madina Area – Old City Area

Old City’s residents were mainly Christians. They were also killed under the allegation of supporting the opposition and resistance in the city. Churches properties were stolen among the civilians’ properties.

Assad forces bombed the City Tower Clock, and killed later some Baath party officials and some soldiers from the city. Mass executions were carried on in different areas like Souk al-Taweel, and Dabbagha.

Civilian casualties of the day were around 534. Assad forces destroyed Souk al-Taweel and souk al-Sagaha.


3 thoughts on “Hama 30 Years Ago – Monday 8 February 1982

  1. Nice Block, I really appreciate the research on presenting with a piece of humor….and the respect of the history….continue… are great Sami

    Posted by weverbergh Jacques | 09/02/2012, 09:39


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