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Hama Massacre 1982, News, Sami

Hama 30 Years Ago – Tuesday 9 February 1982

Assad forces started launching rockets and shelling all the city after midnight till early morning when they only concentrated their rocket attack on al-Hader area and the Old City.

Later, Assad forces started collecting bodies and dragging them to be buried in mass graves. They forced people to chant for Hafez and Rifaat Assad while watching their relative and friends being buried in those mass graves – they even forced women to dance in front of these graves. Whoever refused to comply was shot and buried with the rest of the bodies.

Souk al-Shajara

Witnessing all that, people in Souk al-Shajara area rebelled against the regime and tried to fight back. Assad forces attacked them with tanks and killed nearly 300 people.

Helicopters were targeting and shooting at people all over the city especially in the Castle area.



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