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Hama 30 Years Ago – Friday 12 February 1982

Assad forces continued shelling the Old City and al-Hader area.

Defense Companies, Saraya al-Difa’a, started executing injured people arriving to the National Hospital in Hama. The “National Hospital Massacres” as known to the public continued until the last day of the military operation.

Assad forces continued decimating the city – destroying the historical area of al-Kilaniyah and mosques of the city.

Al-Aseeda neighborhood:

Assad forces arrested and executed more than 45 civilians – five at least were under the age of 17.

Hammam al-Asa’adiyah

It’s an old bath house in Souk al-Taweel. When Assad forces allowed people to look for their relatives, 112 underage girls were found in this hammam killed after being raped.

Al-Mahatta Area

In al-Mahatta (Train Station area), Assad forces killed at least 60 blind men in what became to be known by the public as “The Massacre of the Blinds”.



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