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Sami, Uniquely Syrian!

Uniquely Syrian – Paintings

Paintings inspired by the Syrian Revolution
Another view here
Nihad Wicho - UntitledSyrian Spring (Oil-on-canvas) Printemps syrienربيعٌ سوريّTarek Boteihi -ttl- The Martyre Child Oula Jablawi - Acrylic On Canvas 79X59-طارق بطيحي اسم العمل الشهيدة الطفلة علا جبلاوي 2011 قياس العمل  79 ب 59 اكريليك على فماشIsmael-Rifaai عمل للفنان إسماعيل الرفاعيEbrahim-Jalal -ttl- City-and-KillersGhailan al-Safadi -ttl- Syrian Sorrow- غيلان الصفدي - حزن سوري
Thaer Marouf - var-media-on-canvas- ttl_ On the Shores of Our Homeland على-ضفاف-الوطنSaad Najm -ttl Remains of ChildhoodAbdalla Omari -150X150-oil-on-canvas-ttl_ YES There is Hope Abdulhay Khattab -Coffee-and-Ink-on-Cartoon-Board- 25X18 -ttl_ MartyrKhalil Younes -Ink-and-Acrylic-on-Paper -ttl_Our_Saigon_ExecutionAmjad Wardeh -27-20 oil on canvas -ttl_Confession_of_an_Armed_Man
Amjad Wardeh - 27X21 -ttl- Blood_Per_HourAhmad Salma -Arabic Caligraphy- ttl_Land_and_FreedomAazad Hammi -50X35- ttl_ShabbihAbdulhamid Sulieman-50X50-ttl_Free_ddctd-NawalShaheenMohammad Omran-ink on paper-photoshopedit-ttl_Story_of_The_Child_and_The_KingMohammad Omran -ink on paper- photoshop edit -ttl_Bread
Khodr Abdulkarim _ttl_ picketingSally Hamdan _ttl_ Karm_Al_ZeitounNairouz Abou Hamza_ ttl _DictatorShaza-Safadi -ttl- Karm_al_Zeitoun

Uniquely Syrian – Paintings, a set on Flickr.


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