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Syrians Do Not Need Israelis Solidarity

A few days ago, Israelis went out on a Solidarity rally with the Syrian people and their revolution. The event itself is not worth mentioning or acknowledging, yet, many Syrians circulated videos from the rally on Facebook and other social networks.

The least any Arab who is familiar with the Israeli crimes against Palestinians might say about the rally is “utter audacity”. Israelis who feel they want to support brothers and sisters in humanity should start by rallying against their own government atrocities against Palestinians. This behavior of “washing” Israeli crimes is not and will not be acceptable by Syrians or other Arabs. If naivety led some to circulate the video unaware what it may mean to the Palestinian cause, it does not mean that the rest of Syrians accept or even tolerate this act of audacity.

Having many visits from Israel to this blog, I thought of sending this message to them – If you want to be a peace messenger, start with your own country and make it stop the crimes committed against Palestinians on daily basis.

Arabic post here!


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