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Sami, Very Short Gay Stories - VSGS

VSGS – A Gay Muslim

VSGS – A Gay Muslim

Looking around, everything looks strange and familiar at the same time, he knows this place but he is unable to recognize it. His rapid heartbeats force him to shut his eyes after glimpsing a gorgeous man with a lusty look. He feels the man’s hands on his body that has been yearning for a touch. While his eyes are still shut, those hands release him from the chains of his oppression; he ejaculates all his pains before their scents awakens him from his momentary trance. He looks around for the disapearent man before he realizes that his eyes are still shut. He opens them hoping to see his dream man next to him, but he finds himself in his room; alone on his bed. “It was a dream. Astaghferullah al-Azeem – Forgive me Allah for I have sinned”, he says.  Three times like every other good Muslim he says it. And then, he lays again in his bed, and with a quirky smile he closes his eyes again, wishing to have the same man in his dream once more.

قصص مثلية قصيرة جداً – مسلم مثليّ

كلُّ ما حوله غريب، يعرف هذا المكان لكنّه لا يميزه. دقاتُ قلبِه المُتسَارعة تجعله يغلقُ عينيه بعدَ أن يلمح وجه رجلٍ جميل، ويشعر بيديه على جسده المتعطشِ للمسة. وبينا عيناه مغلقتان، تحرره لمساتُ ذلك الرجل من قيود الحرمان، فيقذفُ كل آلامِه ويشتَمّ رائحَتَها، ثمّ يبحث عن رجل حلمه الذي اختفى فجأة. تشعر يداه برطوبة ما قذفه، ويتنبه إلى أن عينيه لا تزالان مغلقتين، فيفتحهما علّه يرى الرجل قربه، لكنه يجد نفسه في غرفته، على سريره. لقد كان كل ذلك حلماً. “أستغفر الله العظيم”، يرددها ثلاثاً ككلّ مسلم، ثم يستلقي في سريره، وعلى وجهه ابتسامةٌ خبيثة، ويغلق عينيه مرة أخرى، آملاً أن يحظى بنفس الرجل في حلمه، مجدداً.



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