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Revolution Journal – May and June 2011 – Media

Revolution Journal – May and June 2011 – Media

May 2011

2 May – Syrian TV runs an hour live broadcast about an underground tunnel between Deraa and Jordan, and the only show still pictures. The tunnel turns out to be between Mexico and the United States to smuggle people into the US. The picture was later removed from the Syrian TV website, but here is a screen shot of Syrian TV’s Facebook page. The photo is shown here and here – note the date; it was 2009.

15 May – News about the German Battleship that was trying to launch an attack on Syrian targets. It’s hilarious. Try to online translate this FB post.

21 May – A friend of ours tried to go Deraa, but he was stopped by a military check point and was told that it is dangerous to go to Deraa and he should have known better. When he said “I was watching Addounia TV and they said there is nothing happening in Deraa”, he was told, “Go home, Addounia TV is lying”.

Near the end of May, a person I know started a Qatari revolution Facebook page. Addounia TV started getting calls from Qatari “oppressed” revolutionists.

26 May – Addounia TV report about the Qatari Revolution here. They also had a news report about what they called the Qatari revolution, (here – and – here), but they turned out to be news from Bahrain (here – and – here, respectively). They even went further getting a call from an “eye witness” who didn’t even fake the Qatari dialect well enough (here).

25 May 2011Hamza al-Khateeb – 13-year old – was found killed in Deraa. His body showed torture marks and was mutilated – his penis was cut off his body. Khaled al-Abboud, now a Syrian parliamentarian, said back then that “armed groups used Hamza as a human sheild”. Later, Sharif Shehada said  that Hamza was raping women in Deraa.

Late May 2011 – Because of the continuous media claims that there was nothing happening in Syria, a guy from Homs decided to mock the Syrian media by creating a Facebook page entitled “The Chinese Revolution against China’s Tyrant. He said later that he didn’t even know the name of the Chinese president when he started the page.

June 2011

Assad army started a military operation in Jisr al-Shogour. Syrians started to flee to Turkey.

1 June 2011 – A Facebook group calling for joining the Baath party was started. Baath official website had a call for Syrians to join the party’s fight against the “Universal” conspiracy against Syria. They posted this photo. The poor kid’s name is “Yes to Hafez Assad”, apparently his father named him this stupid name because of the “elections” of 1992. The group member who added this photo added a comment saluting his family.

2 June 2011 – Number of civilians killed by the regime reached 1100.

9 June 2011 – Addounia TV farce continues – this time it’s about Jisr al-Shoghour. (Video – Arabic)

Also in June when Syrians started to flee to Turkey, some idiots started a Facebook page asking to free Abdullah Ocalan. It was meant to be against Turkey, however, the funny thing is that they used an online translator that translated “free” into “ücretsiz” which means “free of charge” actually in Turkish. The idiot didn’t notice that “ücret” is an Arabic word originally.

In a previous post, I posted videos about Addounia homophobic campaign. (Check it here)



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