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Hama Daily Report 27 May 2012

Hama News Agency: (Activists and Civilian Journalists)

|| Martyrs ||

32 martyrs in Hama including 3 defected soldiers, 5 women and 7 children. Reports are talking about 7 other martyrs who are not insures yet.
1. Alaa Zeno (Masha Alarbaien), Under the shelling
2. Husain Alkassi (50 years old, Hama) by sniper’s bullets near AsSinaa roundabout.
3. Yaseen Backour (AsSawaeque) Martyred with trying to escape with his family.
4. Yaseen’s niece whose name hasn’t arrived yet.
5. Unknown martyr (AsSawaeque), Due to the random gunfire.
6. Shaha Backour (62 years old, Kafr Naboudeh, Hama), By sniper’s bullets while she was coming back from her farm
7. Azzam AnNajdi (Aljesr), Random gunfire
8. Amer Arwani (Asharkieh), Sniper’s bullets.
9. Saddam Alhuwash (Masha Alarbaien) Random gunfire.
10. Firas Habianeh (bab Elebly, Defected Soldier), Got martyred in Alarbaien.
11. Hamad Duyoub Al-Hussain (Almusraiheh, Hama), Random gunfire.
Masha Janob Almalab Massacre:
12. Faisal Abdulkareem Alasfar (29 years old):
13. Nidal Alkassem (25 years old):
14. Shadi Shantout (8 years old):
15. Mohammed Mahdi Alkassem (15 years old):
16. Mohammed Shantout (8 years old):
17. Mohammed Asheikh:
18. Zaher AtTabel (23 years old):
19. Ghusoun Shantout (8 years old):
20. Riyadh Mohammed Alhussain (32 years old):
21. Ahmed Hayyan Al-Jassem (16 years old):
22. Mohammed Nour AsSageer:
23. Radiyyah Houriyyah:
24. Um Khalid Al-Masri:
25. Luna:
26. Abdurrahman Nashar (32 years old)
27. Mahmud Ahmed Al-Kassab (Defected Soldier)
28. Ghalib AsSomoudi (Injuried in the head and the shoulder)
29. Fares Hadla
30. Child Saleh Hassan Asheikh Sebeh
31. Nouri AnNemr

|| Situation on the Ground ||

– The City of Hama:
• Alarbaien and Masha Alarbaien neighborhoods were broken into after being besieged since dawn by Alassad forces. Mobile phones and internet lines were disconnected. This operation led to the fall of many martyrs and the neighborhood of Masha Alarbaien was targeted with more than 50 tank and mortar missiles.
• Random and intensive shelling targeted the farms at dawn in AdDahriyeh, Masha AdDahriyeh and Wadi Al-Jouz. Several houses were burned up and residents started to move out.
• Intensive gunfire was heard in the morning in Al-Hader area where Al-Hamideyeh neighborhood was hit with nail bombs and electricity was partly disconnected.
• AsSawaeque neighborhood: Intensive shelling led to the fall of many martyrs and injuries. 40% of the residents moved out under very dangerous circumstances.
• The snipers deployed on the roofs of the high buildings and targeted everything that moved.
• The defection of the first officer in the city of Hama Mahmud Quitaz and his son first lieutenant Khaldoun Mahmud Quitaz:

– Hama Suburbs:

• The freemen in Shahshabu Mountain came out in protests whereas in AlLatamneh, Kafr Zeta, Hiyaleen and Khattab there was a general strike mourning the martyrs:
• Intensive shelling targeted Shahshabu Mountain which led to the fall of many martyrs and the move outs.
• The village of Kawkab: The village was broken into with a tank, a bus loaded with gangs and security forces that fired anything that moved.
• The Village of Kareem: The security forces broke into the village in the noon and launched fire randomly which led to the fall of three injuries including a 73 year-old man. Residents also moved out form the village.



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