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Hama Daily Report – 28 May 2012

Hama News Agency: (Activist and Civilian Journalists)

|| Martyrs ||
1. Awad Jarrad, Masha Alarbaien: He was martyred around 6 am. Security forces attempted to arrest him but couldn’t so they shot him with 7 bullets.
2. Child Majid Guriwati, Janob Almalab: Due to his injury under the shelling yesterday:
3. Ahmed Al-Jawad, Tareeq Halab: By sniper’s bullets:
4. Tawfeek Abdulhakeem AtTabba (13 years old), Al-Farraieh: Sniper’s bullets:
5. Ali Ahmed Kurage (50 years old), Al-Jarajmeh: By sniper’s bullets.
. Martyrs in yesterday’s massacre:
6. Mohammed AdDaboul, Masha Janob Almalab:
7. Safwan Al-Qassab, Masha Janob Almalab:
8. Zain Adnan Kantakji (3 years old): A bullets in his belly:
9. Nidal Karmu Al-Hamadi, Kafr Naboudeh: Under the random shelling
10. Mohammed Karmu Al-Hamadi, Kafr Naboudeh: Under the random shelling
11. Abdu Karmu Al-Hamadi, Kafr Naboudeh: Under the random shelling

|| Situation on the Ground ||

– The City of Hama:

* Yesterday, the city of Hama had been through a terrible day that brought back the memories of 1982 tragedy. The city woke up to marks of blood and destruction due to the random shelling that targeted Janob Almalab, Alarbaien and Masha Alarbaien neighborhoods:
* Funerals of yesterday’s martyrs:
* Tanks and armored vehicles are still stationed in some parts of the city and snipers are deployed on the high buildings targeting anything that moves:
* After being shelled yesterday, Alassad forces arrested many of Masha Alarbaien residents:
* In spite of being besieged, the heroes in Almanakh, Tareeq Halab, Alkarameh, Alaliliat, Al-Hamidiyeh, Al-Qussour, AsSabounieh, Gharb Almashtal, Al-Farraieh and many other places refused to knee and came out with wonderful protests:

– Hama Countryside:

*”For you, Hama” was the name of the general strike that prevailed in Kafr Zeta and Kernaz mourning the martyrs of yesterday’s massacre:
* Protests came out in AlLatamneh, Taibet Al-Imam, Shahshabu Mountain and Brediege supporting the city of Hama.



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