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Hama Daily Report 29 May 2012

Hama News Agency (Activists and Civilian Journalists)

|| Martyrs ||

1. Hamza Abduljabbar Arjeh Al-Ameen (20 years old, Tareeq Halab): By sniper’s bullets.
2. Khalid Kamal Arjeh Al-Ameen (15 years old, Tareeq Halab): By sniper’s bullets.
3. Mahmud Adnan Al-Owair (14 years old, Janob Athakaneh): By sniper’s bullets while he was crossing the street. A bullet hit his back and came out from his chest. Security forces beat his family near Al-Hekma hospital.
4. Faisal Khalid Al-Ahmed (20 years old, Alarbaien): He was shot with bullets while he was heading to Al-Bader hospital in Tareeq Halab, since he suffered from a headache.
5. Abdurrahman Al-Murie, Twainy, Sahl Al-Ghab, Hama.
6. Ghiyath Husain Mihemead AdDubais (36 years old, Al-Hawarneh, a father of 5): By sniper’s bullet in the head near Alajazeh roundabout in Al-Andalus neighborhood

|| Situation on the Ground ||

– The City of Hama:

• The situation became very tense while more than 50 men and children were arrested after the regime’s arresting raid in Tareeq Halab, Alarbaien and Masha Alarbaien neighborhoods.
• Tareeq Halab had been besieged with armored cars and fighting vehicles since early morning. Alarbaien was also besieged with tanks and armored vehicles stationed near Industry School; the army told people to leave the neighborhood or massacres would be committed.
• Masha Alarbaien is totally empty from its residents (35000) after being threatened by the Syrian army forces.
• AsSawaeque: There’s still no water or bread in the neighborhood since 4 days ago in addition to the deployment of snipers who target anything that moves. A girl was snipped this morning while she was trying to move out, her situation is dangerous now.
• AnNaser Suburb was broken into with armored vehicles and BMBs this morning:
• Protests came out in many parts of Hama such as Al-Qussour, Janob Almalab, Gharb Al-Mashtal, Al-Karameh, Alaliliat, Bab Elebly, Tareeq Halab AtTawonieh, Al-Farraieh and Al-Jarajmeh in spite of the siege laid by security forces:

– Hama Countryside:

• Salamias:
Security forces deployed into the city’s squares to prevent any protests with the presence of UN monitors. There was a demo in the morning in the old city where people called for the downfall of the regime and for releasing the prisoners, but security forces shot at them despite the presence of UN monitors.

• Twainy:
Alassad gangs burned some houses and targeted residents with gunfire.

• Mezzaf
The regime broke into houses in the village – brothers Abdurrahman (17 years old) and Abdulrazzaq Aljassem were arrested.

* Demos broke out in towns of AlLatamneh, Kernaz, Almadeeq Citadel and Khattab stigmatizing the massacres and nations silence.


3 thoughts on “Hama Daily Report 29 May 2012

  1. Dear Sami! I discovered your blog today. My name is Alex. I am Brazilian and living in a beach city in the South of Brazil (Florianopolis). I know the actual situation in Syria isn´t good. It is a long time of suffering for you. I am writing to you to give my love and support to you. Keep strong! Love..Alex

    Posted by Alex Uhoton | 06/07/2012, 23:24

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