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Mr Gay Syria

Mr.GaySyriaAfter such a long time away from blogging, I come again with a delightful news. We are organising a Mr. Gay Syria competition. It will take place in Istanbul and the winner will participate in Mr. Gay World (MGW).

We posted an announcement on Mawaleh Facebook page, and will soon make a section for it on Mawaleh website.

We are also looking for some money to help with the competition and will ask people to donate. You can also donate now to my PayPal account, but if you prefer to wait, you can just wait. There will be an official PayPal account and a video for crowd funding purposes. I am just so excited about the news and wanted to share it.

Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Mr Gay Syria

  1. Congratulations on a brave step. I’m glad to see you back blogging.

    Posted by kevindalemckeown | 15/07/2015, 08:38
  2. Fabulous news! xxx

    Posted by tattyhead | 15/07/2015, 09:42
  3. Well done and welcome back.

    Posted by LoAnn Halden | 31/07/2015, 00:52
  4. Hey Mahmoud are you interested in this? Just reading it on my way Home. Night night see you tomorrow xxx

    Posted by tattyhead | 08/08/2015, 00:51
  5. Hey sweetie this might be total crap but maybe not as well xxx

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    Posted by tattyhead | 28/07/2016, 16:14

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