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Revolution Journal – July 2011

Revolution Journal – July 2011

Mohammad Hariri – Arrested, Tortured, Paralyzed, and Facing Death Penalty

Mohammad Abdul-Mawla al-Hariri is a Deraa native – and al-Jazeera’s previous correspondent from Deraa. He was arrested after his last report.

George Yazji Arrested in Damascus

Many still believe the regime and Western media claims that Christians and other minorities are pro-Assad. I have never believed it is necessary to refute these claims since my friends and I have always believed that citizenship has nothing to do with religion.

A 66 y/o Heart Patient arrested in Shahba

When arresting and torturing his son for two months didn’t stop Dr. Kamal Salloum from his political activism opposing the Assad Regime, Assad’s forces arrested him after destroying his office and his home in Shahba, Sweida, south of Damascus. They are denying the arrest.

Arrests in Damascus

My friends in Syria are being hunted one by one. Syrian authorities arrested today 14 activists. Mayada al-Khalil was arrested today, along with Razan Ghazzawi and Mazen Darwish. Zeina Shahla was arrested on Sunday 12 Feb 2012.

The Worst in Us – The Worst in Me

A news summary of the events of Friday 3 February 2012 said: “On the first ever commemoration of the 1982 Hama massacre, Assad’s forces killed at least 220 and injured 550 in the neighbourhood of Khaldiya in Homs as it continuously shelled its residential areas with tanks, heavy artillery, and missiles situated at the Homs … Continue reading

Yesterday and Today – Homs and Hama

While Syrians were trying to commemorate the Massacre of Hama by Saying “Hama, Forgive US”, and defying the regime by saying “What happened in Hama will not happen again”, the regime, aided by the Russian indifference to bloodshed, killed more than 400 people in Homs yesterday, and as I am writing this post at 4:40 … Continue reading

Commemorating Hama Massacre of 1982

(The Massacre of Hama section will be my try of – This Day in History – to describe what happened in Hama thirty years ago) Hama the great, as referred to in the bible – Amos 6:2 Pass ye unto Calneh, and see; and from thence go ye to Hamath the great – was according … Continue reading

Two Decades of Frustration: 2 of 2

It was a nice day in Aleppo when a friend asked to meet and advised me to vote the next day for Hafez al-Assad to avoid a worse situation as a university student. That year was my last chance to find a solution to my situation before having to do the military service for 27 … Continue reading

Two Decades of Frustration: 1 of 2

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, my frustration with religion started at a young age. Although my parents were not restrictive of my opinions, they had always advised me not to express my thoughts in public. Moreover, they had always avoided my questions about Syria. I had many questions about why we had not visited Syria … Continue reading

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