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The Massacre of Hama 1982: a Brief Pre-Massacre History

Brief Pre-Hama-Massacre History

Hama 30 Years Ago: Before and After Pictures

For a slideshow, click here The Massacre of Hama 1982: 40,000 Killed 100,000 Displaced 60,000 Arrested 15,000+ Disappeared And it is happening again in Syria. Related articles Hama 30 Years Ago: 26 February 1982 ( Hama 30 Years Ago: 22 – 25 February 1982 ( Hama 30 Years Ago – Saturday 6 February 1982 ( Hama … Continue reading

Hama 30 Years Ago: 26 February 1982: The Final Massacre

After Rifaat Assad declared lifting the martial law and curfew, most residents who fled the city returned on 25 February. People of Hama were all out early morning on Friday, 26 February 1982, trying to look for relatives and grasp an idea about how their city looked like, paying little attention to the soldiers repositioning … Continue reading

Hama 30 Years Ago: 22 – 25 February 1982

After hovering over Hama in a helicopter to oversee the progress of destruction he ordered, Rifaat Assad asked for an estimation of the civilian casualties in the city. When he was told that 20,000 civilians were killed, he said, “20,000 is a small number for a city of 250,000 people.” Military official told him that … Continue reading

Hama 30 Years Ago – 14 to 21 February 1982

This week in Hama witnessed the continuance of Assad atrocities in the city; destroying mosques, churches, archeological and residential buildings, and Old City neighborhoods. The first two weeks of the Massacre of Hama were the most destructive; most of the city was already destroyed, and many neighborhoods were completely demolished.

Hama 30 Years Ago – Saturday 13 February 1982

The military operation in Hama continues for the 12th day. Eighty tanks and 2,000 soldiers engaged in Assad forces attacks on civilian neighborhoods in the city. Neighborhoods of al-Shamaliya, al-Hamidiya, and al-Sharkiya were destroyed. Some buildings in al-Dabbagha were targeted on that day, killing around 52 civilians there.

Hama 30 Years Ago – Friday 12 February 1982

Assad forces continued shelling the Old City and al-Hader area. Defense Companies, Saraya al-Difa’a, started executing injured people arriving to the National Hospital in Hama. The “National Hospital Massacres” as known to the public continued until the last day of the military operation. Assad forces continued decimating the city – destroying the historical area of … Continue reading

Hama 30 Years Ago – Thursday 11 February 1982

Assad forces decimation of the city continued in al-Kilaniyah area – the, until then, well-preserved historical area in Hama.

Hama 30 years Ago – Wednesday 10 February 1982

After controlling the entire city, Assad forces started their demolition process in Hama. Buildings were bombed and destroyed. When someone tried to plea to keep their homes, they were run over by tanks. Assad forces continued their rocket attack on the Old City.

Hama 30 Years Ago – Tuesday 9 February 1982

Assad forces started launching rockets and shelling all the city after midnight till early morning when they only concentrated their rocket attack on al-Hader area and the Old City.

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