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The Grief Will Never End

The first post in this blog was about my mother. I wanted to write more about her, but life had hidden too much turbulence for me. My mother died on May 4th, after a 20-hour coma. She didn’t suffer, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me. During my time of absence, I became … Continue reading

My Days in Turkey: Wrapping Up 22 Months

I have always wanted to write about all the funny, frustrating, annoying, amusing, and weird things that had happened to me in Turkey, but many things are happening now and I need to write about them, so I will just sum up all the past 22 months by saying, “it was OKAY”, but on many … Continue reading

My Days in Turkey: Diva’s Fury

Now, we, the amazing gay men, tend to be divas at certain points. Even those who say they despise divas and drama still enjoy the company of divas and drama queens; it’s quite amusing sometimes. For a while, I was nothing but a diva with a laptop, doing nothing but following the news, trying to … Continue reading

My Days in Turkey: A Bigger Country – the Same Small World

It is strange how your state of mind can affect your perception of your surroundings. Gaziantep seemed aggressive, but how can a city seem aggressive? I was thinking of Turkey differently at that point. Even though I had visited there many times before, now I am not a visitor, and, to make it worse, did … Continue reading

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