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He wakes up one day deciding to leave, believing that he really evaded death, and decides to look for a place to start a life. He clings to the belief that he will find a way until someone asks “where do you come from?” Struggling to get back in his memory more than three years before, … Continue reading

Revolution Journal: A Few Days in Aleppo

Revolution Journal: A Few Days in Aleppo

Revolution Journal: My Last Day in Damascus

Revolution Journal: My Last Day in Damascus

Revolution Journal – October 2011

Revolution Journal – October 2011

Revolution Journal – September 2011

Revolution Journal – September 2011

Politics of a Queer

Growing up in KSA, I witnessed a Pakistani and an Indian being executed in Medina for being gay. The image of the two beheaded bodies still haunts me until now. It never fails to stir anger and despise against the Saudi kings and princes, especially that I know for a fact that Prince Abdulmajid, the prince … Continue reading

Revolution Journal – May 2011

Revolution Journal – May 2011

Revolution Journal – April 2011

Revolution Journal – April 2011

Revolution Journal – Rounding Up February 2011

Revolution Journal – Rounding Up February 2011

Revolution Journal – February 2011

Revolution Journal – February 2011

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