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Mr Gay Syria

After such a long time away from blogging, I come again with a delightful news. We are organising a Mr. Gay Syria competition. It will take place in Istanbul and the winner will participate in Mr. Gay World (MGW). We posted an announcement on Mawaleh Facebook page, and will soon make a section for it … Continue reading

Syrian LGBT Pride Day is Tomorrow

My first mobile post! Please do not forget Syrian LGBT Pride Day. It’s tomorrow.

Mawaleh: The Name

Published in Mawaleh English In Syrian dialect,Mawalehmeans “nuts”. It is derived from “maleh”, which means “salty”. Choosing the name and the concept of the magazine was the most important task before starting working on it. People in Syria love nuts and enjoy having them with tea, beers, arak, or mate. It is true that almost … Continue reading

Mawaleh: The Risk

Read it in Mawaleh English Although no one in Syria is willing to call the current war a civil war, most Syrians have accepted the “war” term to describe the situation in the country. It is a war, in which the Saudi backed Salafists are becoming stronger. It is a war where al-Qaeda groups are arriving … Continue reading

Mawaleh November is out

Mawaleh November is out…   To read online, click here. To download, click here.

You Got it: Mawaleh English is out!

Many have asked for an English version of the magazine. We did it for you, and it’s going to be a quarterly. Syria’s first queer magazine is now in English and can be read online and downloaded on Click here! Still here? Go to Mawaleh English.

Mawaleh October Issue is Out!

  Read online: Mawaleh on Download: MediaFire or Ziddu  

Mawaleh September Issue is Out

Download here or here! You can also read it online!  

Mawaleh – Syria’s First Gay Magazine

It took us a long time, but it is looking good and we hope it is going to be informative. I come out in this issue, check it, flip through it even if you don’t read Arabic, and you will know who I am. Mawaleh is online on, click here to view it online … Continue reading

Hama Daily Report 29 May 2012

Hama News Agency (Activists and Civilian Journalists)

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