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Tea and Talk Group – Istanbul

What can you do when no one is willing to help you? Syrian LGBTI people decided to start a fundraising campaign to help SPoD, a Turkish LGBTI organisation, to continue its work with LGBTI refugees in Istanbul. SPoD itself was not very successful at applying for funds for an LGBTI project. However, this struggle had … Continue reading


He wakes up one day deciding to leave, believing that he really evaded death, and decides to look for a place to start a life. He clings to the belief that he will find a way until someone asks “where do you come from?” Struggling to get back in his memory more than three years before, … Continue reading

Asylum Seeker’s Reflections – 1

How’s Berlin treating you?

Okyanus Özyavuz’s Girlfriend: “I can’t even go the funeral of the person I love”

Originally posted on LGBTI NEWS TURKEY:
Source: İpek, “Sevdiğim insanın cezanesine bile gidemiyorum,” (“I can’t even go the funeral of the person I love,”), 3 July 2014, My name is Ipek. I was Mukaddes’ girlfriend for the last 8 months. I was his first girlfriend. You can see that he was a trans…

The Grief Will Never End

The first post in this blog was about my mother. I wanted to write more about her, but life had hidden too much turbulence for me. My mother died on May 4th, after a 20-hour coma. She didn’t suffer, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me. During my time of absence, I became … Continue reading

My Days in Turkey: Wrapping Up 22 Months

I have always wanted to write about all the funny, frustrating, annoying, amusing, and weird things that had happened to me in Turkey, but many things are happening now and I need to write about them, so I will just sum up all the past 22 months by saying, “it was OKAY”, but on many … Continue reading

I just need to let out!

Yes… My best way to let out has always been through writing, blogging, drawing, creating something, or, at certain cases, having sex. Sex is not an option now, I am too tired of paranoid Antakyans who tend to complicate everything. So, bear with me! Remember that you can always move on and go to do … Continue reading

Syrian LGBT Pride Day is Tomorrow

My first mobile post! Please do not forget Syrian LGBT Pride Day. It’s tomorrow.

Mawaleh’s Initiative for Syrian LGBT Pride Day 2013: Photos Links

1- Change your profile photo between 28-30 June, or at least on 29 June 2013. 2- Facebook added hashtags; post the photos and share them using the hashtags #SyrianLGBTIPride #Syria #LGBT, use those hashtags on Twitter and Instagram as well. 3- Start using the hashtags as soon as possible. 4- Tell your friends. LGBTI Syrians need … Continue reading

Mawaleh’s Initiative for Syrian LGBT Pride Day 2013

Mawaleh is launching an initiative to celebrate LGBTI Pride Day, which will be an online celebration of the event for many reasons; one of which is the current situation in the country, and the other is because homosexuality is still criminalized by the law. We are going to ask our readers and LGBTI rights supporters … Continue reading

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