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He wakes up one day deciding to leave, believing that he really evaded death, and decides to look for a place to start a life. He clings to the belief that he will find a way until someone asks “where do you come from?” Struggling to get back in his memory more than three years before, … Continue reading

Mawaleh is Back

Mawaleh is finally back. Hard work. Good issue. Hopefully, we can work on an English one.  Tell EVERYBODY! To download, click here To read on, click here  

Mawaleh Website is Online!

After 3 days of extensive exhausting work, Mawaleh got a website.

Mawaleh: The Risk

Read it in Mawaleh English Although no one in Syria is willing to call the current war a civil war, most Syrians have accepted the “war” term to describe the situation in the country. It is a war, in which the Saudi backed Salafists are becoming stronger. It is a war where al-Qaeda groups are arriving … Continue reading

Revolution Journal: A Few Days in Aleppo

Revolution Journal: A Few Days in Aleppo

Revolution Journal – September 2011

Revolution Journal – September 2011

Revolution Journal – April 2011

Revolution Journal – April 2011

Syrians Do Not Need Israelis Solidarity

A few days ago, Israelis went out on a Solidarity rally with the Syrian people and their revolution. The event itself is not worth mentioning or acknowledging, yet, many Syrians circulated videos from the rally on Facebook and other social networks. The least any Arab who is familiar with the Israeli crimes against Palestinians might … Continue reading

George Yazji Arrested in Damascus

Many still believe the regime and Western media claims that Christians and other minorities are pro-Assad. I have never believed it is necessary to refute these claims since my friends and I have always believed that citizenship has nothing to do with religion.

Pictures from Homs – Feb 2012 – 2

Last week from Homs by Mulham al-Jundi

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