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Mr Gay Syria

After such a long time away from blogging, I come again with a delightful news. We are organising a Mr. Gay Syria competition. It will take place in Istanbul and the winner will participate in Mr. Gay World (MGW). We posted an announcement on Mawaleh Facebook page, and will soon make a section for it … Continue reading

Homophobia Brought To Your Screen by MBC in Ramadan

Ahmad al-Shugairi, a Saudi TV creator and presenter of an Islamic TV show on MBC, the biggest and most watched network in Arab countries, has recorded a part of his show’s latest episode in San Francisco about homosexuality. The program is called “Khawater”, i.e. “Thoughts and Reflections”, and it is supposed to promote, “preach”, for “moderate Islam”, at … Continue reading

My Days in Turkey: Wrapping Up 22 Months

I have always wanted to write about all the funny, frustrating, annoying, amusing, and weird things that had happened to me in Turkey, but many things are happening now and I need to write about them, so I will just sum up all the past 22 months by saying, “it was OKAY”, but on many … Continue reading

Mawaleh’s Initiative for Syrian LGBT Pride Day 2013: Photos Links

1- Change your profile photo between 28-30 June, or at least on 29 June 2013. 2- Facebook added hashtags; post the photos and share them using the hashtags #SyrianLGBTIPride #Syria #LGBT, use those hashtags on Twitter and Instagram as well. 3- Start using the hashtags as soon as possible. 4- Tell your friends. LGBTI Syrians need … Continue reading

Hama Daily Report – 28 May 2012

Hama News Agency: (Activist and Civilian Journalists)

RIP Bassel

Bassel, my friend, for the first time, I wish it was me. What will I say to your girlfriend my friend? Bassel was killed in Homs yesterday, Monday, 28 May 2012. Bassel was a filmmaker. This post took me two hours, just to replace “is” with “was”.

Mohammad Hariri – Arrested, Tortured, Paralyzed, and Facing Death Penalty

Mohammad Abdul-Mawla al-Hariri is a Deraa native – and al-Jazeera’s previous correspondent from Deraa. He was arrested after his last report.

Revolution Journal – January 2011

Revolution Journal – January 2011

Exhausted , Disappointed, and Sad

Anan plan only managed to get my friends more distant. It only bought the regime more time to oppress people, even those who are not politically active. I am away from home – tired, sad, nostalgic, and facing one humiliation after another. I used to have Facebook as a means of contact with my friends … Continue reading

Uniquely Syrian: Thinking Ahead

Uniquely Syrian: Thinking Ahead

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