The Massacre of Hama

This Day in 1982 Hama” is the best description of this section.

It will go through the details of the Hama Massacre of 1982 as reported by Dr. Khalid al-Ahmad.

I couldn’t take the Muslim Brotherhood book about Hama, “Hama, The Tragedy of Modern Time”, as a resource except in where I could double-check the events. The book is to be considered a valuable source of information about the Massacre. However, it is not the source used to highlight the daily events of Hama Massacre in this blog. I will refer to Muslim Brotherhood with MB in the day-to-day events.

Important info:

Hama is divided by al-Assi, Orontes, River to two main areas. Al-Hadir area is to the north and east of the river. Al-Souk area is to the south and west of the river. Both areas had several old and traditional neighborhoods and new and somewhat modern ones.

Another important thing about the nature of the people of Hama is their known generosity and hospitability. There is an expression in Syria attributed to the city: “A Hamwi, i.e. of/from Hama, invitation”. When a Hamwi invites you, it doesn’t mean you “can” accept, it means actually you “have to” accept. The people of Hama are the most generous and hospitable people in the world that they get offended if you rejected their invitations.

It is imperative also to mention quotes tracked back to the Assads about Hama. The murderer Rifaat Assad said: History books will say,” once upon a time, there was a city called Hama”.

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