14 – 21 February 1982

This week in Hama witnessed the continuance of Assad atrocities in the city; destroying mosques, churches, archeological and residential buildings, and Old City neighborhoods.

The first two weeks of the Massacre of Hama were the most destructive; most of the city was already destroyed, and many neighborhoods were completely demolished.

Assad forces continued the mass-killings and mass-execution during the third week of the military operation. Mass-killings were recurrent in certain places, such as the “Ceramic Factory”, Soreihin Cemetery, Sina’a Prison, Salamyiah Road, and Hama National Hospital.

The “National” Ceramic Factory:

Assad forces detained civilians in the government-owned Ceramic factory, tortured and executed them, and incinerated their bodies in the factory furnace.

8 March St. Massacre:

Monday 15 February 1982, military trucks distributed bread in Hama, but in the “8 March St.” soldiers ordered 30 children into the “New Mosque” in the area, and executed all of them.


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